Estancja Mezowo


Estancja Mezowo Guesthouse is a hotel located in the center of the charming Kashubian Landscape Park. The natural surroundings attracts lots of nature lovers and those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of big cities and regain strength. Guesthouse is equipped with a professional cinema room, pool, conservatory, dining area with healthy, regional food. To the Pension to be intimate Stable Mezowo.


Howinnga was responsible for creating the visual identity and logo, designing visual identification of the building exterior and designing printing materials.


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Estancja mezowo


Estancja Mezowo Stables was created with a great passion of the owners. The hotel surrounded by nature meets the expectations of horse-riding enthusiasts. Charming routes allow you to improve riding skills and enjoy the beautiful views at the same time.

Howinnga created the visual identity and figurative mark, preparing design of printing materials.

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