• Good vodka is not bad! Howningas Warsaw voyages.
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    Good vodka is not bad! Howningas Warsaw voyages.

    Weekend 25-26 of January 2020 will stay in our memories for a long time! Along with our new customer- Podole Wielkie distillery we took part in Vodka and Appetizers Festival in Warsaw. We have to admit that was quite a party! Previously it was our pleasure to create the whole visual identification of Podole Wielkie Gorzelnia i Gospodarstwo brand. Now the time has come to show to such wide audience vodkas from Podole in their original graphic design. Products advertisement was also supported by our PR actions, preparing graphic design of the stand and a trade theme movie. Our customer’s delicious products are “Made with pride” and we proudly present an effect of our collaboration!

    Warsaw Vodka and Appetizer Festival made us only more sure what a great team we make together! That’s an excellent example of perfectly synchronized cooperation with a customer with whom together we work towards a success!

  • Plush beginning of the year!
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    Plush beginning of the year!

    Howninga year started with some good mascot tasks!

    8th January 2020 was the day official handing of mascots for the youngest patients of Children’s Hospital Polanki in Gdańsk took its place. Huge mascots collection was taking place in IKEA Gdańsk just before the end of 2019. Also this time customers of IKEA rose up to the occasion ! A huge amount of mascots was donated to give joy to over 400 youngsters! We’re very pleased that we could support this action taking care of it’s PR side. That was already our third realization for this customer.


  • Sportlove – “Sweden with class” children’s competition 9th edition
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    Sportlove – “Sweden with class” children’s competition 9th edition

    Autumn 2019 passed in a sports spirit. We organized another edition of “Sweden with class” youth counpetition for our regular customer Stena Line. 9th edition was very popular amongst schools from all around Poland. It’s one of our favorite projects, firstly because our actions are comprehensive- from an idea to implementation, but also because we’re doing it for the youth and we encourage them to be creative. This time in sports. Our art director Krzysiek prepared original illustrations which were competition’s identification. Posters, flayers, web banners, phone wallpapers and website www.szwecjazklasa.pl all full of beautiful colors. Thanks to broad social media campaign there was a record-braking number of schools taking part in the competition- 66 schools! Next edition will take place in a year! We’re already figuring out our concept!

  • Cudawianki and wonders in the office!
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    Cudawianki and wonders in the office!

    We’re all waiting for Cudawianki because they’re a sign of summer begging. In Howinnga office this colorful event starts much earlier and we’re very happy about it. We’re creating the whole visual side of Cudawianki. Summer starts in Gdynia. Posters, flyers, banners, animations, gadgets designs… and much, much more 🙂 Our actions are also visible on a website (http://www.cudawianki.eu/) and in social media. „It’s wonderfull” slogan is a binding one. Summer starts in #Gdynia but all the projects in Sopot! 🙂

  • Good job with Closet of goodness!
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    Good job with Closet of goodness!

    How to encourage people to do good? Set up a Closet of goodness! That’s the action we worked together with IKEA Gdańsk! Our agency was responsible for action’s comprehensive PR service. We love tasks with a mission and this was the case with this one. We helped IKEA and the people who took part in it helped the ones in need. Howinnga knows that kindness circulates around 🙂 Together with IKEA we make a great team and our cooperation is pure joy.

  • From A to M – Comprehensive works for Migaloo Home
    22/02/17 Blog

    From A to M – Comprehensive works for Migaloo Home

    Logo, branding, website with integrated on-line store, social media… and that’s not all! Comprehensive works for Migaloo Home, of which we are proud 🙂

    You can read more about Migaloo Home in our portfolio.

  • Energizing logo
    14/06/16 Blog

    Energizing logo

    Energizing task has been entrusted to us by Ampershop – a company with 20 years of experience. It specializes in hardware and electrical accessories sale.

    Howinnga was responsible for preparation of graphic identification for Ampershop’s online store.



  • The courageous win – and so do we!
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    The courageous win – and so do we!

    We had the pleasure to work on a new website for the unique, nationwide social campaign – Odważni Wygrywają (eng. The Courageous Win). Campaign led by the Foundation Gdyński Most Nadziei aims to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

    Howinnga agency developed the concept of the website, edited content, prepared and implemented website.

    Now we are more aware of men’s concerns 🙂 We can confirm – courage wins!

    More information: www.odwazni.com




  • We tamed “Octopus” for the media
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    We tamed “Octopus” for the media

    When and where?
    March 24th, 2016 r.
    Crist S.A. Shipyard, Czegosłowacka 3, Gdynia, Poland.

    What was the task given to us?
    Comprehensive PR & Media service, planning the event and preparation of graphic materials.

    About 140 guests, local and national journalists, participants’ interest in presented graphic materials, many reports from events on the radio, press, television and the Internet.

    Read more

  • The good begining
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    The good begining

    It is good to share kindness with others. Especially means Gdańsk Bay in Kashubian in need of help and support.
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